About Retail Tenant Representation

We advise new-to-market retail tenants in their search for suitable business locations, as well as current tenants considering a renewal, an expansion or a move to a new retail center. We take time to understand our clients’ co-tenancy issues (positive or negative) in the same center or in a new location, and identify the suitable options. We then serve as an aggressive advocate for our clients, negotiating the best possible terms and conditions with owners and landlords.

Our Services

Our integrated retail tenant representation services include an in-depth review and analysis of the following:

  • Vacancy rates and new retail construction in the local market
  • Each prospective center’s tenant mix
  • Each center’s exclusive uses and restrictions, as well as any radius restrictions that can impact a retailer’s growth plan
  • The existing infrastructure of a tenatn’s proposed space, such as A/C, fire safety and kitchen equipment for restaurant uses
  • The surrounding demographics to see if it matches the tenant’s target market
  • Traffic patterns and buying patterns of the surrounding residential community
  • Parking patterns within the center for customers access to a retailer’s space
  • Trends in rental rates, landlord concessions and other financial issues
  • Current and projected tenant occupancy costs
  • Details of the common area maintenance (CAM) charges billed to tenants
  • Potential building renovations and future capital projects
  • Owners’ and landlords’ experience and reputation
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